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ANSAR Testing

ANSAR testing is painless, non-invasive and an effective diagnostic tool with multiple applications for any number of disciplines:

• Cardiology: congestive heart failure, post MI, angina, atherosclerosis, cardiomyopathy, hypertension

• Diabetes: diabetic autonomic neuropathy, renal manifestations, gastroparesis, peripheral circulatory disorders

• Neurology: Parkinson’s disease, chronic pain, migraine, multiple sclerosis, diabetic polyneuropathy, orthostatic/chronic hypotension, tachycardia, syncope and collapse, vertigo

• Endocrinology: thyroid disorders, acquired hypothyroidism, menopausal and premature menopausal symptoms

• Pulmonology: asthma, sleep disturbances, COPD

• Internal Medicine: morbid obesity, anxiety, bipolar disease, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, post-traumatic stress syndrome… to name a few.


Simply put, ANSAR testing determines how well a patient’s autonomic nervous system is functioning. The nervous system consists of three parts: somatic, motor and autonomic. In a perfect world, all three divisions are balanced and in proper working order. This is not always the case. Any number of medical conditions can create imbalance. The purpose of ANSAR testing is to identify, measure and quantify that imbalance. Practicing physicians can use this valuable information to formulate an accurate diagnosis, customize medications and determine an appropriate treatment plan.


• The purpose of ANSAR testing is to measure the balance or imbalance in a patient’s autonomic nervous system.

• ANSAR testing answers the question, “Is my patient healthy or merely symptom free?”

• Chronic disease leads to neuropathy. Neuropathy is slow to present but ANS dysfunction precedes neuropathy.

• ANSAR testing detects imbalances in asymptomatic patients before neuropathy presents. 


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